STRUGA rain gutter system

The Struga system is made of GreenCoat® RWS steel sheet manufactured by SSAB. The steelworks is a world leader in the production of high-strength steel. The biggest advantages of the RWS sheet are its forming properties, resistance to weather, including UV rays and high resistance to scratches.

GreenCoat® RWS sheet metal with double-sided lacquer of high durability is the basic characteristic distinguishing the Struga gutter system. Provides maximum protection of the outer and internal side of the sheet. The use of appropriately selected grades and thicknesses of steel in the manufacturing process makes all the gutter elements have the best properties, from elasticity, ductility to the highest strength.

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Steel gutters – a surefire investment


The Struga gutter system is manufactured of Scandinavian GreenCoat RWS Pro steel sheet. Three grades of steel with thicknesses of 0.6 - 1.25 mm provide elements rigidity, ductility and durability.


An organic coating 35 μm thick on both sides is a perfect finish that neither fades nor changes its color over the years.


The Struga system manufacturer provides a 30-year written functional warranty and a 15- year color preservation warranty.


System devices, such as quick gutter connectors and SWR gutter reinforcement system make Struga a product with excellent performance and strength.

Insignificant thermal expansion

The steel gutter system is resistant to temperature differences between winter and summer. This ensures that the shapes of long elements are maintained during the entire period of use.

Easy and quick installation

The Struga gutter system is composed of perfectly complementary and complete accessories, ensuring quick and easy installation. Its individual parts are characterized by high precision of workmanship and accuracy of demensions guarantying the adjustment.

System construction



The material which both the gutters and other elements comprising the system are made of is high-grade GreenCoat RWS Pro sheet by the renowned Scandinavian manufacturer SSAB. An undeniable advantage of the GreenCoat RWS Pro sheet is the thick double-sided zinc coat of 275 - 300 g/m2, which forms a layer of armour protecting the steel core, especially wherever cuts or scratches appear.

Match the color

The Struga system is manufactured in sixteen colors from which it is possible to select the one that best suits the color of the roof.