Bratex Dachy

About Us

Bratex Dachy is a company with Polish capital, operating as a manufacturer of sheet metal since 1991.
It specialises in manufacturing and selling high-grade roof sheets and the steel rain gutter system Struga.

In 1996, Bratex Dachy became the first direct importer of varnished sheet metal rolls, manufactured by the Scandinavian concern SSAB, a world leader in high-durability steel production, who to this day remains the company's main supplier.

During this time on the market, the company has formed a wide-spread commercial network with its products. Currently, it has over 500 distributors on the Polish market, and its paramount value is the high quality and reliability of metal roof tiles. Bratex Dachy focuses its work on special products and collects valuable experience enabling it to design and ultimately deliver unprecedented product solutions to contractors. This way it is able to provide products of exceptional technical and functional properties, which comply with European engineering standards and are designed to meet the expectations of customers.

In 2017, the company moved all its production to a newly-built facility. It is a huge leap towards total quality control in all aspects of its operations. The investment completed by Bratex Dachy places the company in a completely new position. 11,500 square metres of state of the art hall houses a sheet roll storage, production machines for metal roof tiles and gutter systems, and high bay storage racks.