Bratex Horizon is a harmonious combination of a system product and a structured roof design.

Horizon hybrid metal roof tiles reflects all the features used in Centro product. The new shape release complements the current and future expectations of architectural orientation.


An arena of new potential

Hybrid technology

Hybrid metal roof tiles is a technological bridge between a modular technology product and the possibility of cutting to the required size. Centro and Horizon metal roof tiles are manufactured in two models – by dimension and on sheets of a fixed length. The investment conditions or investor preferences determine the model of the ordered product.

Bratex Flexi-End

The adjustable length of the final module which always comes with a stamped 25 mm end tongue. This results in extremely important benefits: there is no need for furring over the last batten, a stable substrate for installation of the roof ridge flashing and air-permeable tape is provided, there is no risk of snow drifts accumulating or rain water pooling, and the sheets remain sealed along the width.

Bratex Easy-Lift

The factory-punched two holes at the sheet end tongue enable secure lifting on ropes or cables to the roof; there is no need to make any holes for this purpose, which too often result in damage to the sheets. The Easy-Lift are punched in sheets with a minimum length of 4 mnodules: the figure above shows an example only.

Bratex Easy-Drill

Ready-made countersunk mounting points indicate the best locations to drive screws in, prevent scratching of the metal sheets with sharp drill bits.

Bratex Anti-Cap

Perfectly protected transverse joints between the metal sheets. It provides drainage of rain and melt water, ventilation through the sheet overlaps, and evacuation of condensation products: the essential features of roofing sheet joints.

Easy and quick installation

The standardized transverse joining of the sheets provides problem-free laying, alignment and fastening of the Centro sheets on roof slopes of any length.