Product classes

Class sheets


Class sheets


Class sheets


Construction of our sheet


Surface layer

Final organic varnish, whose specific characteristics reflect the quality and aesthetics of the product. The final varnish is characterised by properties differing depending on the product category.


Basecoat paint

Priming coat, increasing resistance to red and white (for aluminium) rust, and improving surface coat adhesion.


Passive layer

Responsible for cleaning the zinc coat or the aluminium-manganese-magnesium alloy for more effective application of subsequent coats.


Zinc layer

Galvanisation protects the steel sheet against the effects of moisture, i.e. rust. The amount of zinc on our sheets is 275-300 g/m2 on each side.


Protection varnish

Standard finish of the bottom side of roofing sheets. SSAB sheets are distinguished by inscriptions(*) placed under a layer of epoxy varnish, which cannot be erased, for example, with acetone.


Steel or aluminium core

The backbone of the sheet, with its thickness, content of iron in the ore, as well as other additives and rolling are responsible for the durability and flexibility properties.

Professionalism and experience

Before purchasing any products, and after purchasing them, please read the "Technical recommendations for roofing system use" (available at, and with every product). Following the recommendations in the product will help you avoid unpleasant and unexpected losses of roofing value, and to keep the warranty conditions.

The inscription under epoxy varnish is the standard marking of SSAB and VOESTALPINE sheets. However, there are certain situations when the inscription is absent from a given batch of products. This is due to technical conditions at the foundry. Products without inscriptions have identical quality and functional properties as products with inscriptions. To ensure the customer that original products are delivered, BRATEX DACHY provides a dedicated certificate with a guarantee of origin from the foundry, if requested by the distributor or the customer. Absence of inscription on the product does not give the ordering party the right to decline to accept the product.