Platino metal roof tiles

The traditional shape of PLATINO tiles is intended for customers who value a classic appearance. This solution is one of the most recognisable and popular metal tiles available on the market.






Tile benefits

Classic, tried design

Suitable for any roof - it works perfectly with any slope, and buildings covered with such tiles have a truly impressive appearance.


The shape is indistinguishable from classic ceramic tile types, while at the same time it maintains excellent functional properties.

Two modular variants

The standard 350 mm long PLATINO metal roof tile module has a profile height of 23 mm, while the rib height is 20 mm; the less expensive version - PLATINO Eco - has a segment length of 400 mm, profile height of 23 mm, while the rib height is 16 mm.

Broad selection of panel types

Available in three product categories, perfectly fitting your requirements: Aluminium, Prestige and Premium.

Rich colour palette

Available in a broad range of several dozen colours and coats of various material grades, enabling roof colour to be matched to any building.

Easy installation

The tiles can be installed quickly and easily, thereby minimising installation costs.

Technical Information


Sheet thickness



Module lenght

Total width

Covering width

Lenght range

Profile height

Embossing height

Minimum roof pitch

Weight of 0,5mm steel

Weight of 0,6mm steel

Weight of 0,6mm aluminum




Platino                  Platino Eco

steel 0,5mm         steel 0,5mm

steel 0,6mm          steel 0,6mm

aluminum 0,6mm         aluminum 06mm

350mm           400mm

1193mm           1193mm

1106mm           1106mm

0,47 - 7,72mb           0,52 - 762mb

23mm            23mm

20mm           16mm

12o             12o

4,8 kg/mb           4,8 kg/mb

5,8kg/mb           5,8kg/mb

2,12kg/mb           2,12kg/mb