This is the technological equivalent of bridging the gap between traditional metal roof tiles that are trimmed to size on site and fixed-length modular metal roof tiles. Bratex Centro carries all the tested and proven advantages of modular metal roof tiles integrated with innovative solutions dedicated for its hybrid technology. Centro is the peak in evolution of metal roof tiles. Centro has none of the disadvantages of metal roof tiles; it is convenient to ship, installed quickly and boasts a very long operating life. The hybrid metal roof tiles are available in two models: trimmed to any length or in fixed-length sheets.




An arena of new potential

Hybrid technology

The Bratex Centro metal roof tile is a technological highway which merges the features of standard modular products with modules that can be trimmed to length. Centro is available in two models: trimmed to any length or in fixed-length sheets. The choice depends on the project conditions and/or owner’s preferences.

Optimum sheet weight

The modular transverse joining of the Centro sheets leaves each Centro unit with a weight up to 2 times less than possible in traditional metal roof tiles. Still, the Centro sheets retain their proper geometry once handled up to the roof slope.

Bratex Flexi-End

The adjustable length of the final module which always comes with a stamped 25 mm end tongue. This results in extremely important benefits: there is no need for furring over the last batten, a stable substrate for installation of the roof ridge flashing and air-permeable tape is provided, there is no risk of snow drifts accumulating or rain water pooling, and the sheets remain sealed along the width.

Bratex Easy-Lift

The factory-punched two holes at the sheet end tongue enable secure lifting on ropes or cables to the roof; there is no need to make any holes for this purpose, which too often result in damage to the sheets. The Easy-Lift are punched in sheets with a minimum length of 4 mnodules: the figure above shows an example only.

Easy and quick installation

The standardized transverse joining of the sheets provides problem-free laying, alignment and fastening of the Centro sheets on roof slopes of any length.

Easy to transport

The sheets of the hybrid metal roof tiles are shorter and easier to handle from the seller to the project site and all the way to the roof.

Technical Information